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Background information and resources

The Downtown Partnership is seeking input in order to update downtown Burlington, Vermont’s economic vitality plan.
To provide useful resources and background information, we have compiled meeting summaries, reports and studies AND the original 1990 downtown Burlington vision.

What can you do?

1. Take a moment and educate yourself.
Reading and Resources

Burlington Specific:

Downtown Vision, 1989

Strategic Plan, 1990

Downtown Retail Feasibility Study, 2002

Downtown Burlington Parking Study, March, 2003

Market & Transportation Study, Oman Analytics, 2006

Retail Observations, Michael Stevens, 2008

Downtown TMA Report Final, 2008

Future Vitality Findings, 2009

Burlington Observations, David Feehan, 2009

2010 Community Challenge Planning Grant Application


Retail & Commercial Competition, Winter, 2010
National Downtowns:
Top 10 Trends Affecting Downtowns and how to Respond at Home,” Progressive Urban Management Associates, Fall 2007

Characteristics of Successful Downtowns” Gary Ferguson, Ithaca Downtown Partnership, September 2005. Study of 11 cities.

Ten Steps to a Living Downtown

2. Help us plan.
Attend Public Meetings – and ask questions. Take the Downtown Burlington Survey and share your views on the future economic vitality  of downtown Burlington. Sign up to receive more information, survey results and press releases via Keep Me Posted!

Downtown Burlington is a cherished resource. Thank you for sharing your ideas to make the most of its potential.

The Downtown Partnership ~ planning for downtown Burlington, Vermont's future economic vitality.

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