The Downtown Partnership

The downtown Burlington district
The Downtown Partnership is a collaboration between the Burlington Business Association, the Community and Economic Development Office and the Church Street Marketplace …working with the Department of Planning & Zoning to explore the future of our city.

Planning for downtown Burlington, Vermont’s future …

The Downtown Partnership’s goal is to steer downtown Burlington’s economic path while upholding its place as an unique, award-winning experience.

Downtown Burlington, Vermont, is a success story.

A shared vision brought us accolades and awards.  ~ Yet, that vision is over 20 years old! ~ First written in 1989-1990, downtown Burlington’s long-term vision and plan need to be updated, especially in terms of economic vitality.

We want to ensure our continued success, anticipate opportunities and keep an eye on the competition by focusing on the future of our Downtown, the Church Street Marketplace and the Waterfront.

What makes downtown Burlington, Vermont, so special?

Burlington’s Downtown District, extending from the Waterfront to S. Union Street … and from Pearl Street to Maple Street, was named one of the top four “places to watch” in the United States by the AARP in 2007.  Criteria included what makes a community livable: new urbanism, smart growth, mixed-use development, and easy-living standards.

The WaterfrontBurlington’s waterfront is home to parks, fine restaurants, ferry crossings, cruise boats, festivals, a maritime museum and the new science center.

The heart of downtown Burlington, the Church Street Marketplace, has a unique blend of shops, boutiques, restaurants, and performers.  Its historical architecture and tree-lined pedestrian street is inviting to businesses and shoppers and community …and is the venue for year-round popular festivals.

How can you help?

We can’t leave our future to serendipity … it’s time to make strategic choices.

  • You can Learn More by reading meeting summaries, resources, studies and reports on Burlington and the the nation’s successful downtowns.

Downtown Burlington is a cherished resource. Thank you for sharing your ideas to make the most of its potential.

The Downtown Partnership ~ planning for downtown Burlington, Vermont's future economic vitality.

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